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Demystifying Music Therapy - Podcast Episode 010

An incredible conversation where I learned more than I ever knew about the benefits of combine music with therapy goals.  Danny uses his previous work experience as a one on one support worker to authentically add inclusion into each of his sessions.

Danny Allen is a certified music therapist, and received his music therapist accredited (MTA) status in 2015.  He is the owner and director of Allen Music Therapy, a developmental music therapy practice based in Whitby, Ontario.  His practice focuses on facilitating clinical music sessions with clients of all ages living with developmental delays, autism, and Down Syndrome.  He also has experience working in long-term care facilities, with deaf-blind individuals, and providing sessions for inmates in a federal correctional institution. 

Danny completed his Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) degree in 2014 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.  He returned to WLU to obtain his Master of Music Therapy degree in 2018.  During his master's, Danny researched clinical guitar techniques and how to efficiently apply them in music therapy sessions.

Danny has previously worked as an inclusion support worker.  Through this position he learned how to develop inclusive programming as well as how to recognize and identify potential barriers present in the world of an individual with special needs.  He is an advocate for a more inclusive world, and strives to make his sessions and instruments as inclusive/accessible as possible.  

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